Why Invest in Dynamics CRM?

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Deliver value for all and gain a Competitive Advantage with Dynamics CRM

With CRM, your sales, marketing, and customer service teams can understand every customer and deliver effective customer relationship and satisfaction. By analysing this information, you can make better decisions, reduce the cost of service, and keep every customer satisfied.

How Dynamics CRM can help gain competitive advantage?
Businesses are constantly searching for ways to better manage their data and gain a better view of their customer relationships. In order to stay ahead of competitors and make better choices, investing in a CRM system is critical. When looking to invest in a CRM system the first question a business should be asking itself is, ‘What features of Dynamics CRM can give me a competitive advantage?’

Benefits of using Dynamics CRM:

  • Global network of software and services partners
  • Multi-language with more than 25 languages
  • Advanced SOA / Web services architecture

Benefits for employees:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM familiar user interface improves employee effectiveness in attracting and retaining clients; while reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. Due to this familiarity, accessibility and the fact that it is easily understood by users, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help differentiate your business from competitors.

  • Look and Feel of Microsoft Office –Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel are ingrained in every workplace today and are the ‘language’ of how businesses operate. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a tight integration to Microsoft Office, which lowers training costs and user adaptability.
  • Sync with Outlook – Employees can use Dynamics CRM through Outlook to access key customer information, schedule and track activities, generate reports as well as manage sales projects and marketing campaigns. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the sync to Outlook is instantaneous thus any changes made to contacts and events in Outlook are automatically reflected in Dynamics CRM and vice versa. This connection helps to eliminate the time spent duplicating information and creates a unified platform to update customer data.

Benefits for Sales and Marketing

  • For Sales Managers: CRM provides real-time visibility into their team’s activities so they can forecast sales with confidence. For sales representatives, CRM makes it easy to manage customer information so less time is spent handling data and more time with customers.
  • For Marketers:Tracking the sales that result from leads generated through marketing campaigns on your website, in email, or with Google AdWords is vitally important for any marketing department. Dynamics CRM enables marketers to track leads and sources, route leads to the right sales people in real time and provide the analytics to see what’s working and what can be improved.

Benefits for Customer Service

  • Enhanced Communication: if a customer has a question about one of your products, they might go to Google or Twitter to look for answers and only contact your call centre if they can’t find what they need. To deliver stellar customer service, you need to connect all the conversations that happen on social networks with the internal knowledge your agents use every day. That way, your customers get answers fast and are happy. And it costs you less.

Loyal customers often stay with smaller sized companies as due to their size and flexibility, they can understand their customer needs better and can build closer relationships.

A CRM solution allows larger companies to operate on the same basis by driving real-time visibility of all customer-facing processes and as a result gain a competitive advantage.

Why Invest In Microsoft Dynamics CRM?


As can be seen in the above diagram, Dynamics CRM offers insight, empowerment and increased productivity to all departments of an organisation. By implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a business can avoid the pitfalls and mistakes of their competitor’s and truly maximise the value of their customer data to gain a competitive edge in their market space.

Additionally, existing technology investments are used in a more effective way. Overall, Dynamics CRM assists in maximising your return on investments in sales, service, and marketing, as well as enhancing the value of every existing customer relationship.