Outstanding Business Intelligence Success Stories

Outstanding Business Intelligence Success Stories

Data dodania: 18 października 2013
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There is nothing more satisfying to a business intelligence solutions vendor than helping a struggling company turn into a thriving one. Many businesses that seek out BI solutions tend to be well run organisations that lack the coherence necessary for the jump to the next level and flourish due to the efforts spent on fundamental aspects stunting any growth.

The BI software provided will reduce manual processing tasks, relieve any stresses for management in relation to the organisation of the company and allow employees to focus on generating new ideas to implement into their relevant divisions. The business will also have a competitive edge over rivals in the market.

There are packages to suit all needs from financial analytics to report creation and data entry. Overall, what you want for your company is reduced expenditure and increased profits which are what BI tools can offer. Here are some examples of businesses that have achieved this:

  • Heinz: A well-known brand to most, Heinz used the BI tool Infor Enterprise Asset Management and lean practices which increased performance rates by over ten percent and reduced maintenance costs by up to ten. These are huge figures in relation the amount of income and expenditure generated by a globally recognised company such as Heinz.
  • AIB: The corporate banking side of AIB sourced out Codec, a solutions vendor, in order to install a budgeting and planning system that would improve the information management, make paper reporting redundant, reduce the time it took to produce reports and budgets along with increasing overall accuracy of projected data; all of which proved successful. AIB could then spend more time assessing their future goals and self-worth.
  • Kingspan: By implementing BI tools this building materials company was able to reduce manual efforts in relation to financial consolidation processes; improving the accuracy and efficiency of the data which the management received. Accounts became more sufficiently balanced which cannot be underestimated. Kingspan has seen continued success since this venture and has expanded through acquisitions and elimination of joint ventures.
  • National Express: Working with BI solutions vendors for the past decade has proven a huge benefit to this multi-national public transport company. The biggest impact has been in the data-warehouse where information is promptly gathered and analysed; helping in management decision making. This has resulted in improved sales and smoothly run operations for ticketing and record keeping.
  • Irish Life: After the implementation of BI planning and reporting tools over three years ago this leading life assurance company has gone from strength to strength. The professional advisors that the solution vendor provided came with in-depth knowledge and experience that lead to overall improvements in efficiency and results. The company now runs faster with more accurate data and forecasted scenarios.

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