The relationship between Dynamic CRM and xRM solution

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Solve the equation with X : The relationship between Dynamic CRM and xRM solution

The relationship between Dynamics CRM and xRM is simple: Dynamics xRM is the ability to build any line-of-business (LoB) application on top of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM sits on the .NET platform, it offers outstanding out-of-the-box functionality and Microsoft applications that can be customised to manage these other relationships (xRM).

In essence, there would be no Dynamics XRM without CRM. Through CRM, the XRM platform can be rapidly adapted or developed to fit every application requirement, dependent on your individual company needs.

The relationship between CRM and XRM significantly enhances the benefits provided to any organisation implementing this framework. Organisations can benefit from numerous gains using an agile, flexible and collaborative platform; such as:

  • A familiar and consistent user interface; making innovative business applications easy to deploy.
  • Pre-built platform: Faced with a difficult choice between packaged software and custom development, IT departments are often forced to compromise on capabilities, budget, and delivery time for business applications. Using a pre-built flexible platform rapidly accelerates application development, delivery and enhances your organisation’s competitive readiness.
  • Point-and-click configuration gives you the ability to be self-sufficient enabling non-technical resources to create and configure applications quickly.
  • xRM offers choice and flexibility to the LOB client, as well as visibility into the relationships and interactions between other variables “x”, where operations are streamlined across the entire organisation.

Further benefits of Dynamics XRM are highlighted in our article: Dynamics xRM – One Solution for all your Business and Relationship Requirements.

Dynamics CRM has been enriched in its 2011 edition in order to enhance XRM in the form of partner relationship management, distributor relationship management, asset management, lease management and anything relationship management relationships between data sets across any and all business units in your organisation.

The XRM multi-tenant platform enables organisations to securely deliver line of business (LOB) capabilities to multiple business units around the world, with full support for multiple languages and currencies; allowing your system to grow as your business grows. In simple terms, the benefits of using core CRM application functionality, along with individually built LOB applications are crucial in the current economic environment, as the ability to control “everything” allows an organisation to gain a significant competitive advantage, adapt quickly to change with rapid application developments, provide exceptional relationship management throughout the supply chain; improving business intelligence and overall ROI.