ODI 12c – New Features

ODI 12c – New Features

Data dodania: 21 marca 2014
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The release of Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 12c has seen a number of changes to this ETL tool from its previous release (11g).  Some of the changes include:

  • Updated flow based user interface
  • Further integration with Oracle GoldenGate
  • Parallel data integration processes
  • Improved integration with Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Full Integration into Oracle Enterprise Manager

These are welcome technical improvements but what effect will these changes have on Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management solutions from the business point of view?

  1. It will mean less time is taken to develop and implement the ETL aspect of BI and EPM projects which will mean that the business can feel the benefits of using this type of software in a shorter timeframe than would previously have been expected.
  2. The integration with Oracle GoldenGate (which is a database replication tool) means that database management tasks can now be completed from within ODI along with managing the BI or EPM data warehouse which typically is done using other tools. It should be noted that GoldenGate can only be used with Oracle Databases (12c, 11g, 9i etc.).

One of the biggest improvements to ODI 12c is parallel execution of integration. This means that data load times will reduce (depending on how the integration process is set up) and therefore data will be available quicker and at more frequent intervals. Additionally, this means that mappings and other tools that are used in multiple processes can be used concurrently.  This does come with a cost though as CPU and memory usage will increase during the load.

Additional integration features have been developed to allow Oracle Warehouse Builder jobs and processes to be run from ODI 12c. This will allow ODI to become a unified data warehouse and ETL management tool in the future.

Oracle Enterprise Manager, which is used to monitor BI applications such Oracle Business Intelligence EE, Oracle Business Intelligence Applications and Hyperion Planning has now been configured to allow management of ODI 12c. This allows for a single monitoring point to be created across your BI and EPM applications and it will allow for quick identification of any issues that can occur and less time spent troubleshooting ETL environment issues.

Further information on Oracle Data Integrator 12c, click here.