20 września 2013

The relationship between Dynamic CRM and xRM solution

Solve the equation with X : The relationship between Dynamic CRM and xRM solution The relationship between Dynamics CRM and xRM is simple: Dynamics xRM is the ability to build any line-of-business (LoB) application on top of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM sits on the .NET platform, it offers outstanding out-of-the-box […]

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10 września 2013

Benefit from data using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

sing the many capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, change is easy. Benefit from data in all departments of an organisation, during every seasonal change while ensuring profitability and customer loyalty.

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20 sierpnia 2013

Using Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM Together to Drive Revenue Growth

Combining both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX, an organisation can avail of increased business intelligence, improved productivity, analysis and aligned customer services processes. Contact Codec-dss today for more information.

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20 sierpnia 2013

A look into the BI Semantic Model of SQL Server 2012

A semantic layer is a business translation layer which sits between the database and the end user; providing the ability to interact with data using familiar business terminology instead of having to understand where the data resides and what business rules to apply to said data. The BI Semantic Model serves all of the end-user […]

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19 sierpnia 2013

Powerful New Features in Dynamics AX 2012

With new features and enhancements across core ERP and industry capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 will help provide business value faster, enable agility and insight in your organisation, and helps drive faster adoption, broader usage and easier maintenance through a continued emphasis on simplicity.

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5 czerwca 2013

Why Invest in Dynamics CRM?

Deliver value for all and gain a Competitive Advantage with Dynamics CRM With CRM, your sales, marketing, and customer service teams can understand every customer and deliver effective customer relationship and satisfaction. By analysing this information, you can make better decisions, reduce the cost of service, and keep every customer satisfied. How Dynamics CRM can […]

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